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1997 SOLD
CTR2 Sport
RUF 3.6 Twin Turbo
Yellowbird Yellow
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RUF Auto Centre is pleased to present you with the very rare piece of RUF history:  The 1997 CTR2 Sport built for Steve Beddor.  This car served as the Production Prototype for all future CTR2 Sport's built by RUF Germany.

The Car:

  • RUF Manufactured ( RUF VIN ) CTR2 Sport
  • One of only 16 wide body "Sport" versions built by RUF, this being the first one
  • Registered and licensed in the USA as a RUF

The Body:

  • In addition to the standard RUF intergrated cage, this car has enhanced door bars and cross bracing to meet FIA and Pikes Peak requirements.
  • Front and Rear bumper covers, front fenders, rear deck lid, dual rear wings, and sill-extensions of body are composite material.
  • Carbon Fiber hood and doors
  • Multi Function Rear Spoiler - acts as both downforce-producing wing and an inlet for direct airflow to cool the twin side mounted intercoolers.
  • Unique to this Sport, the rear wing is mounted higher than normal and is coupled with a 2nd adjustable bi-wing that creates more downforce.  Aerodynamic balance is acheived with the addition of a removable front splitter for front downforce.
  • Front and Rear independent suspension utilizes Ohlins motorsport springs and dampeners with uni-ball spherical bushings in control arms and rear multi-link axle.   Suspension is fully adjustable in bump, rebound, and ride height and matched with anti-roll bars front and rear with the rear being adjustable.


The Engine:

  • Engine:  CTR 36011  dynoed at 702HP
  • This is the most powerful CTR2 sport RUF every built and has a very linear torque curve.
  • Air cooled horizontally opposed 3.8L 6 cylinder, mounted longitudinally
  • Motorsport Titanium Connecting Rods, lightweight motorsports flywheel
  • Special RUF Twin Turbochargers designed to spool quickly, producing peak torque at 5,000 rpm
  • Twin Air - to - Air intercoolers that are saddle mounted outside of the engine bay and fed fresh air by the unique rear wing along with "on demand" computer activated water cooling system with fan assist
  • Dry Sump lubrication system with seperate oil tank
  • Thermostatically controlled oil coolers; front mounted, fan and force fed
  • 13.6L oil capacity


  • RUF 6 speed manual with short gearing matched to engine's torque curve for incredibly quick acceleration


  • RUF four piston calipers front and rear with Motorsports ABS system
  • Dual circuit hydraulic brake system with hydraulic booster
  • Manually docked parking brake using additional rear drums
  • 380mm vented / drilled front rotors
  • 320mm vented / drilled rear rotors


  • Lightweight BBS 3-piece Magnesium centered race wheels
  • 11x18 Fronts and 13x18 Rears
  • Mounted with Michelin Pilot SX Racing Slicks


The car is painted in traditional Yellowbird Yellow and does have the rain gutters removed as well as the A-pillars being smoothed down.

Click the following link to see the CTR2 Sport in action against the famous Ferrari 333SP: LEvkQBg

Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have.

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